Various Gig Posters, 2012-2016

Perhaps all young artists go through a phase of making posters for bands they like. Having grown up on a steady diet of good music from a couple rad parents, it was certainly a natural progression for me.

My earliest posters were Photoshop collages made for friends bands in high school. I will not be showing those to you. To put it lightly, they are... not great.

But soon, posters became a playground for sorting out my aesthetic fascinations and the bands I was digging at the time. I like that these early posters are evidence of a young Dorian experimenting with style and finding his own identity as an artist.

When my friend Romain got his band an opening spot for Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, he got in touch with me to commission a poster for the show. I was thrilled! This is a three-color silkscreen poster, printed by hand by yours truly.


A vectorized homage to Gustav Klimt for Kvelertak and Zoroaster. 2012


Poster for Mr. Gnome and a personal favorite Columbus band, The Receiver. Imagery inspired by a Mr. Gnome song, called "Ate the Sun". 2012


Torche, Kvelertak, KEN Mode, and Converge. What a lineup! 2012

In time, making posters for bands led to my first few commissioned illustration jobs, as well as my first two ventures into silkscreen printing - a medium I am in love with to this day.

Two-color poster for White Lung. Man, I miss Tight Bros! Also influenced by Klimt. Hand-printed by the artist, 2013


Three-color poster for Ted Leo, as commissioned by my friend in Les Roms. Thanks Romain! Hand-printed by the artist, 2013


Many bands don't exactly have a budget for or interest in printed posters. Sometimes the digital thing is all you need to get people out to the gig.

Poster for Rozwell Kid, commissioned by BravoArtist. 2015

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Poster for my Misfits cover band. Bonus points if you get some of these references. 2016


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